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INVESTCRAFT LTD is a team of experienced financial advisers. The company has existed since 2007 and focuses on implementing financing based on capital funds as Private Equity, Venture Capital as well as helping in debt restructuring, providing investment schemes, and other investment services. We have completed numerous projects through our subsidiary in Poland, whose objective is raising finance for projects in Poland and Eastern Europe.

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We specialize in financial advisory mainly in the area of raising and implementing financing for projects run by Eastern European companies, companies restructurisation, debt offerings . In order to achieve this, we have also contributed capital to the company Legister Consulting employing independent financial advisers.

We provide financial management advice to companies, develop and implement wide-ranging solutions intended to facilitate financing and assist in raising finance from institutions (including banks), private investors and funds such as PRIVATE CAPITAL, VENTURE CAPITAL, PRIVATE EQUITY. Consider us a equity financing services specialist, a financial broker and highly specialized financial adviser.

Mission and Vision

to develop the value of our investments for our clients
to become the leader in raising financing for Central and Eastern Europe’s top companies

Region of activity

Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and China. We concentrate on business opportunities in Poland and the countries of Central-Eastern Europe. We do not limit our activities to particular sectors of the economy, but deal in financing and financial advisory for every sector.

Restrictions on our investment activities do not permit us to invest in the production and sale of alcohol and tobacco, in gambling or business activities associated with the armaments industry or in ventures with a particularly detrimental impact on the natural environment.

Scope of financing and time frame

The value of projects we are involved in is always determined on a case-by-case basis, financial capability of the enterprise.

Depending on the type of service, there is a different time frame. For investments its about 3-5 years, for restructurisation of the company, industrial restructuring or raising capital the time frame may differ.

Scope of financing and time frame

The basis for our cooperation with our clients is complete financial transparency, trust and professional preparation of your investment. The combination of our principles and our clients’ demands lays the foundations for financial success.

effective process for investment-related decision-making, partnership-based relations with client
quick and efficient project evaluation
professional and comprehensive implementation of investment projects
financial stability
individual approach, global competence
financial advising and restructuring
in-depth due diligence in legal, financial and insurance aspects
business evaluation
equity financing services
raising capital (veture capital, private equity)
financial stability

Our chief assets are our broad range of business contacts, access to a large database of financial insurance and industry investors, and success-oriented approach with full commitment to our financial projects. If you are searching for an investor or business angel capital for your company, if you require support in preparing for investment transactions, if you expect a professionally produced evaluation of your business or would like to obtain credit on favourable conditions, you are looping for venture capital or private equity you have come to the right place.

The starting point of every project is comprehensive financial analysis by our independent financial advisers. This enables us to suggest the most appropriate solutions, develop enterprises strategies, investment schemes, indicate the real possibilities for their implementation and the resulting benefits, all with timing for maximizing profit. We focus on Eastern Europe business opportunities as well as European Union funds for UK.

We will provide you with the knowledge you require on how your company is perceived by financial institutions, its creditworthiness, how to improve its credit rating, and also which aspects to streamline. Additionally your enterprises will recieve high quality financial analysis. Lastly, you will also have the opportunity to evaluate both our competence and the quality of the solution we propose and on that basis reach an informed decision about future cooperation.

We give every project the care and attention to detail it requires and by means of our state-of-the-art tools and up-to-date financial knowledge can propose the optimal solution for you to develop your business. Investing in Poland and developing business opportunities with us will add value and real profit to your company.


Acting as agent in raising capital and capital broker

Investcraft LTD acts as an intermediary in the process of raising capital. The aim of the service is to support the client in obtaining the capital necessary to finance operations and business development. Offered by our service is comprehensive and effective – with our expertise and in-depth knowledge of the methods of raising capital (venture capital, private equity) achieve results that were previously out of reach of the company. Capital for the customer we get on the best possible conditions while minimizing the risk of failure of the transaction.

Business valuation

Investcraft LTD offers a comprehensive range of business valuation in monetary units. The process is to determine the value of the assets of the company. Is of great importance when making investment decisions, and thus has a significant impact on the allocation of capital. It is also essential during mergers and acquisitions. In addition, detailed forecast allows owners and the Board to explore internal and external factors affecting the value of the company and the ability to take action to increase the value of the company. The valuation of the shares of the company or is a typical action during the amendment of the legal structures of companies (transformation into a company’s in-kind contributions).

Due diligence

Due diligence is the process of a comprehensive study of the entity which is the object of acquisition. Subjects to an exhaustive analysis of all aspects of the business – financial, commercial, legal and tax. Investcraft LTD offers professional due diligence analysis in different areas of the company stressing financial aspect, which also comprises the analysis of industry and environmental analysis.

Business and financial advice

Investraft LTD will help your business. Through analytical qualified staff we are able to advise on the continuation of the business, as well as financial matters. Finding and comparison of financial solutions, such as loans, leasing and factoring is essential for efficient business management and optimal use of company assets. We also advise on issues of raising capital for investment and restructuring the company.

Strategy revision

In addition to creating and presenting our own solutions for companies Investcraft LTD is specialized in evaluation of existing projects. We provide a comprehensive assessment and valuation Project of both the strategic planning stage and after the commencement of its implementation.

Financial models

Financial models built by Investcraft LTD are based on existing businesses to reflect their situation on the market. This helps to make optimal decision in the field of finance, operations and restructuring. The models also provide the ability to forecast the financial companies in the context of the investments and projects. Models are built on the basis of the submission of financial statements and created based on the situation of the industry and economic environment. Well designed models facilitate the valuation of the company and making decisions for the further continuation of the project.

Developing Eastern European business opportunities

Investcraft LTD also helps develop companies in their early project. Our professionals offer assistance not only for existing companies, but also for projects in the planning stage. Development of start-ups in the region of the Central- Eastern Europe gives us great pleasure, because we can help young people to realize their passion, as well as to meet the demand of the market. We provide both the financing of such projects, or depending on the needs assistance in obtaining financing from other institutions.

Drawing up terms of investment

We provide professional assistance in the construction of the investment agreement tailored to your needs. This process is connected with the analysis of the company or the investment project, and the result of favorable contract terms for customers.

Negotiations and support for negotiations

In preparation of agreement tailored to your needs Investcraft LTD is engaged in the business of negotiating on your behalf. In addition, we provide comprehensive assistance in the conduct of negotiations by providing analytical background or human resource help. We assist in the preparation of analyzes and valuations which are the key to succeed in negotiations.

Integration of operational and communication plans

Exit strategies from investment and revision of terms of cooperation

Integration and optimization processes

Got a project

INVESTCRAFT LTD is simultaneously a market maker and a direct investor on a private equity market. Fund raising for entrepreneurs from that source gives a lot of benefits to projects with a high growth potential.

Equity investor in contrary to a bank don’t require a high collateral and don’t expect a regular credit re-payments, so liquidity is not crucial. The most important and absolutely required asset is a human factor. Presence of experienced managers in a project may outweigh the deficiency in current financial structure. Equity investor becomes a partner and he shares the risk of a failure together with an entrepreneur. Investor’s goal is totally convergent with the owner’s goal – investor gain profits jointly with the owner, simultaneously to the growth of the company, so generally in a growth period investor doesn’t gain any financial benefits from the company he invested in.

Investor earns ONLY when the owner does.

Equity investor put not only money to the business but also potential business contacts and other non material support that could help in growth and business development.

Equity investor calculates the risk carefully, he is demanding in return on investment rate but at the same time he is willing to accept disproportionately higher risk than bank institutions, so he is ready to participate in projects that can’t obtain a bank credit.

Capital provided by investor, generally is not charged with interest rates or any other costs. Sometimes provided capital is mixed and consists of debt and equity capital.

Equity investor is a patient and tolerant type.

Cooperation with Investcraft gives a lot of other benefits related mostly with total support with transaction finalization, legal and financial advisory and arrangement of extra bank funding. Investcraft distinguish itself on private equity market because his Partners are experienced in many business sectors what gives them a better business understanding than most of private equity funds.

Depending on a project situation, Investcraft and their Partners suggest a following financial solution:

1. Private Equity Investment – the most common type of investment. It is based on a situation where Investcraft acquire a newly issued shares or stocks (if the company isn’t a limited company, such a structure is proposed). Company in its current model (with its assets, liabilities, intangible assets, know-how, etc.) is being valuated. Financial investor put funds into the business and acquire a proportional part of company’s equity. Investment agreement is signed which regulates a basic conditions of undertaking such as: time horizon, exit terms, etc. Time horizon is differential and vary depending on a sector, but usually it is about 4-6 years.

2. Debt Investment – Investcraft or their Partners grant a loan or acquire a newly issued debt instruments (ex. corporate bonds). Investor is outside the ownership structure. It is less frequent form of investment, addressed to specific undertakings, managed by big and developed companies.

3. Mezzanine Investment – mix of first and second type of investment. Investcraft and/or their Partners put money into a business partaialy by acquiring a newly issued shares and partially by granting a loan or acquiring a debt instruments.

More information about investment criteria in “Investment criteria” bookmark.

Investcraft invest directly or in cooperation with private investors (Partners) and institutional investors in undertakings with high growth potential. Most common type of investment is entry into ownership structures with a possibility to expand by debt financing.

Each single investor on private equity market has its own, individual set if investment criteria. Investcraft’s criteria are more expanded because they already aggregates Investcraft’s and Partners’ requirements. Below we present actual investment criteria with information that they may change slightly in order to obtain new financial partners who could contribute to their modification or extension.

Actual Investcraft’s criteria assumes that potential business/company:
– Runs from at least 3 years (any legal form is accepted – only documentation of continuity is necessary)
– Posses a unique and innovative business project or established contractor base
– Undertaking needs to be managed by experienced owner/manager or qualified team

Additionally, each project must meet following requirements:
– Time horizon from 1 – 6 years
– Internal rate of return (IRR) 25% or more*
* IRR calculation isn’t expected at application level

If You have a project that meets above criteria please proceed to “Add a project” bookmark. Application will be verified as soon as possible. If the project meets with interest of investors we will contact You immediately.


Please contact us to discuss your special requirements.

We look forward to serving you.

Typical stages of process

Contact – inquiry. At the first contact stage we evaluate the possibilities for cooperation. Initial evaluation of the project is followed by a face-to-face meeting.

Letter of intention. Establishing the terms of our cooperation and of our proxy.

Business due diligence. Analysing the project and the risk involved. In-depth analysis of the business and the potential return on the investment.

Needs analysis. Carrying out precise analysis of the project’s requirements and its feasibility/ cost of implementation.

Offer presentation. Preparing an offer for companies involved in both financing and co-financing (seed/angel capital, Private Equity, Venture Capital).

Signing the contrach. Formally establishing the terms of cooperation and fee.

In-depth due diligence. Meticulous analysis of all aspects of the project.

Negotiations with the buyer/seller. Working out detailed terms of cooperation with the capital provider.

Arranging debt financing. Transfer of finance.

Closing the transaction. Subsequent monitoring of the investment process.

Organizational and financial assistance for United Kingdom companies wishing to establish or enhance their presence in Poland/Eastern Europe. If you are thinking of setting up or expanding a business in Central/Eastern Europe we provide you with custom made solutions and services that suit your individual needs including financing, raising capital, investment schemes, enterprises restructurisation, debt managing.

Our sister company in Poland, Legister Invest Group, has valuable expertise, extensive experience, a team of professional advisors and specialists who possess precise knowledge of the markets and corporate finance.

Below are some of the services you may capitalize on which we provide:

Feasibility studies
Due Diligence
Market studies
Business plans
Company valuations
Financial analysis
Mergers and Acquisitions
Identifying suitable commercial properties for your business
Pinpointing takeover target

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements. We look forward to serving you.

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